Welcome to Panthastha Prangan® Resort

Cottage In A Village

Each of the aesthetically designed cottages in our resort offers a great scenic view from their large Balconies or Varandas exploring big trees, hills and the pleasant green beauty of the Nature. With the breezy atmosphere, the natural fragrance of flowering plants surrounding the cottages will make the guest's mood renewed and energetic. Each cottage is equipped with all modern amenities making the stay comfortable. Accommodation in our resort are divided in to three categories namely Vibhav, Rajas and Nikunj.

Deluxe Rooms - Rajas Cottages

  • Higher carpet area of around 425 sq. ft.
  • Great space for more comfort.
  • Elegantly designed courtyards, surrounding big trees and other decorative plants add to the beauty of the cottage.
  • Attached balconies lets you take a glorious experience of the scenic views
  • Total capacity: 2 + 3 persons

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Royal AC Tents - Nikunj Tents

  • The Classically decored fabric tents of around 270 sq. ft.
  • Equipped with Air Conditioner and comes with self contained bathroom and WC toilet.
  • Royal design providing you a perfect blend of privacy, peace and togetherness with the nature.
  • Very suitable for the couples and small families.
  • Rustically furnished with genuine teak wood furniture.
  • Most luxurious and comfortable nest to stay.
  • Total capacity: 2 + 1 persons

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